The History
Receiving its inspiration and authenticity from Southern California's original Spanish forbearers, the design and construction of Hacienda de la Paz (Estate of Peace) harks back to late 19th century Andalusia, where a true hacienda was conceived as a landed residence that included stables for horses and olive trees for the production of olive oil.
Much like an archaeological site displays an existence of past cultures, the residence uniquely showcases three distinct periods of Spanish history and architecture on one site; the 19th century Hacienda including Moorish gardens, an 18th century Neoclassical grand ballroom and 10th century Moorish hamam spa. The inconceivable continuity and transitional flow from each century to the next is an architectural triumph that few residential properties can ever hope to achieve. The Hacienda ingeniously integrates history and refinement while esteeming its pastoral surroundings.
As you drive through the breathtakingly beautiful carob tree canopy to the stately landscaped courtyard, you are transported to another time; a portal to the romance of the past while coexisting in the present. As you walk from one corner of the property to the next, you are captivated by the beauty of what lies beyond every turn. Each setting leaves you with a desire for more.
Almost two decades in the making, this remarkable retreat from a bygone era is the culmination of its owner's goal to create a self-contained Spanish sanctuary that is as true as possible to its historical predecessors and exacting in its attention to detail and composition.
Hacienda de la Paz is a work of art, a preservation of design, and a testament to history and passion. Once you have experienced it, you will never want to leave.
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