The Media Attention
Few homes in the United States, have garnered as much curiosity and excitement as Hacienda de la Paz. It is no surprise to anyone this opulent, yet elegant Palos Verdes “private palace” continues to make headlines around the world. Hacienda de la Paz has attracted equal praise and appreciation from world renowned journalists, photographers, artists, politicians, celebrities and athletes who have all experienced the brilliance, beauty and passion of this property first hand. Discover the impact and impression this deceivingly large and meticulously designed Spanish mansion has instilled in top media personalities.
  • “$53-million mega-mansion in Rolling Hills is fit for a king.”

    • Lauren Beale
    • The Los Angeles Times

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  • “OMG, I want this house...”

    • John Boot
    • The Daily Beast

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  • “One of California's most unique & stunning homes...unimaginable panoramic views”

    • James Gorden
    • The Daily Mail (London, U.K.)

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  • “This home has it all, including underground features like a tennis court that doubles as a ballroom and a 10,000 square-foot Turkish-inspired spa.”

    • Amy Ambatielos
    • CNN Money

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  • “From the outside, it looks like an elegant Spanish-style ranch house but Hacienda de la Paz in L.A.'s Palos Verdes Peninsula is so much more than that.”

    • David Hochman
    • Forbes

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  • “ is basically paradise. Hacienda de la Paz, in California, has got our pulse raised almost like nothing else we've ever seen.”

    • Violet Hudson
    • The Gentleman's Journal

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  • “I feel like we're in another world...This is where I'm going to live from now on!”

    • Cecilia Vega
    • ABC News—Good Morning America

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  • “The renowned Spanish architect Rafael Manzano Martos created Hacienda de la Paz-his only project in the United States-in the Rolling Hills gated community. The 51,000-square-foot estate took 17 years to build”

    • Amanda Millin
    • Robb Report — Home and Style

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  • “Soaking in those Moorish baths, you'd do anything but let Calgon take you away.”

    • Hot Properties Column
    • C Home Magazine

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  • “One of L.A.'s most lavish Mediterranean mansions.”

    • Lisa Johnson Mandell
    • HGTV

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  • “...rivaled by the best Westside compounds in size if not perhaps in imagination. Perhaps hardest to come by on the Westside is the area's sense of isolation and privacy. The Peninsula has remained under the radar.”

    • Lauren Beale
    • The Los Angeles Times

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  • “To cut energy consumption, he spent a year retrofitting the house with a geothermal system”

    • Candace Jackson
    • The Wall Street Journal

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  • “The Alhambra, The Medina Azahara and The Mezquita of Cordoba served as inspiration...always playing with a mixture of styles”

    • Nuria Garcia Murcia
    • El Pais (Translation)

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  • “From the outside, you have no idea what you're about to step into.”

    • Sara Gore
    • NBC—Open House

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  • “Let's paint you a many insane features we're shifting into listicle mode”

    • Adrian Glick Kudler
    • Curbed Los Angeles - Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer

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